Summer Vacation Jobs


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Sometimes when we’re searching for summer vacation jobs,  we get stuck in a rut and only think of the same places to look, the want-ads in the paper or online sites like Craig’s List.  Here’s another place that many of us would never consider, the Armed Forces. They do hire temporary civilian workers each summer, providing jobs for local students and veterans.  If you live near a base of some sort, you need to look at the USAJOBS website. You could be pleasantly surprised.

Most university and high school students need to get summer jobs to help sustain their living standards throughout the following school year, and of course, their parents usually insist on it.   Instead of getting stuck working in the food service industry, try something new and consider applying to the Air Force or other armed services.   Most people don’t realize they all take on temporary civilian workers, especially students, in the summer.   There are many assorted jobs to be found if you live close to a base;  office automation and computer clerks, lifeguards, laborers and the always popular, food service workers, are needed every summer at most bases.

Those eligible must be a student, disabled vet, or have ‘reinstatement’ status.  The students need to prove that they are enrolled in high school, technical or vocational school, junior college or four-year college.  The disabled veterans need to offer proof of military service and their disability with a disability rating of 30% or more. (DD Form 214 Member 4 copy and VA Disability Rating). Reinstatement job seekers need proof of past federal employment.  There is no time limit on eligibility for anyone who is a veteran or has three years tenure of continuous federal service.

To apply, go online to USAJOBS where you first sign up for a free account where you will be helped  through creating a resume.  Your resume will be left in your account and you can electronically send it out for the jobs you’re interested in.  USAJOBS can be accessed 24 hrs. a day, and there’s even a feature which will send you employment notices automatically.   With your resume ready to go, proceed to the search box and type in ‘what’ and ‘where’ and hit the Job Search button to see what’s available.  If you know specifically what you’re interested in, type that in as well, i.e. ‘summer hire lifeguard.’

If you’d like more information about other civilian employment opportunities, visit

If you don’t think working on an army base is for you, but you still need to find a job somewhere, try looking around this web site, there’s information on all kinds of work;  part-time, full-time, work-at-home, self-employment, and also advice on interview questions, resume writing, and CV letters. Take a look, Self Employment Ideas, you’ll be glad you did.