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I’ve come across a website that may interest anyone who is trying to get out of the office and earn income at home. This site, oDesk.com, has been built to bring together contractors and workers who may physically never meet, but could work together for years. There is a long list of various skills people may have that contractor’s are in desperate need of. If you have any of these skills, (you don’t need all of them, but the more you have, the better for you!), and are thinking of freelance work from home, then you need to look at this site. Here are a few of the skills that there are currently positions for; Javascript Developers, Technical Writers, .NET Developers, AJAX Developers, PHP Developers, Flash Developers, J2EE Developers, C++ Programmers, Ruby on Rails Developers, Perl Programmers, Joomla Developers, iPhone Developers, Freelance Writers, & Twitter Developers.

Here are a few of the work categories that you may be interested in; Designers, Software Developers, Web Developers, Writers, and Virtual Assistants. It doesn’t matter where you live as long as you can communicate via the internet and get signed up. If you want to be at the forefront of the latest trend in employment, then this site should be what you’re looking for. Enrollment is free, as are the various tests applicants are required to take to make sure they’re qualified for the work they’re interested in. The details of wage payments(they’re weekly) and other information are all easily accessible at the site. There are many YouTube videos with various reviews and tips about oDesk, I’ve loaded a couple on this page.

For anyone still not convinced this is a real ‘work-at-home’ employment service, I’ve hunted down the Better Business Bureau’s Reliability Report on oDesk. As far as the BBB is concerned, oDesk has an A+ rating, and that’s the highest rating they have. For additional BBB information about oDesk, go here, Better Business Bureau.

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